Delicious Indian Sweets

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When thinking of Indian food, a curry or tandoori usually springs to mind; something full of flavour with at least a little bit of spice. But, traditional Indian cuisine is actually made up of many sweets and desserts to follow the meal as well. Indian desserts are often very sweet, and differ slightly depending on which part of the country the recipe or dish comes from. They are offered as desserts following meals, created for big events like weddings, and even offered up in temples in certain parts of India.

Most popular Indian desserts;

Gulab Jamun

One of the most popular Indian desserts, gulab jamun are round donuts infused with cardamom syrup – yum! It’s prepared using milk solids that are then kneaded into a dough, which are shaped into small balls and deep fried to create small sweet donuts. Then, they are soaked in a sugar syrup – usually including cardamom and rosewater – and served cold or warm. They are incredibly sweet and filling, and a huge favourite amongst kids and those who love sugar!


If donuts are a little too sweet for you, you might enjoy the traditional kheer dessert. There are many different variations of kheer throughout India and South Asia, but its base is a simple rice pudding. It is boiled with milk and sugar, and flavoured with cardamom, nuts like pistachios or almonds, and sometimes with sultanas. It can be served cold or warm. This is a great one to try for those who enjoy western versions of rice pudding, as it has a sweet kick to it.

Kaju Katli

Kaju Katli is a dessert based around cashews, and is similar to what you might refer to as a slice. Again, there are different variations of kaju katli depending on the region, but usually it is made with milk, sugar and dried fruits or spices to start. Sometimes it also includes saffron or ghee, and of course lots of cashews. This dessert is popular around Diwali.


Laddoo is another dessert that is often most popular around religious festivals or large events. Ladoo are ball-shaped sweets that often have a coconut flavour, and are extremely easy to eat. They are made from flour (the type varies depending on the recipe), cooked in ghee, are combined with other flavourings, and garnished with pistachios and almonds.

The Shamiyana offers the most authentic Indian food, including several delicious Indian desserts. The delightfully sweet galub jamun is on offer served cold or warm, as is kheer, kulfi (homemade Indian style ice-cream flavoured with either mango or pistachio), and other daily dessert specials and selections. Our desserts are all homemade from traditional recipes, and our friendly staff can advise you depending on your favourite type of dessert, and any dietary requirements you may have.

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