Menu Dishes Worth Trying

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Indian food is one of the most widely loved cuisines in the world due to the wide variety of dishes, rich and complex sauces and flavours, and mild or fiery spices. Whether you head to your favourite local Indian restaurant, try your hand at whipping up a curry at home, or order takeaway to enjoy a delicious wholesome meal from the comfort of your couch, Indian food is an excellent choice for lunch, dinner and maybe even breakfast the next day! So, what are some of the top dishes worth trying?

List of five customer favorites to get you started;

Matar Paneer

Matar Paneer is a dish that originated in North India, using paneer – which is very similar to cottage cheese – mixed with peas, a rich tomato-based sauce and an array of spices. It is the perfect dish for vegetarians or those who are just looking for a comforting and filling meal. Served with rice and naan or roti, it’s the ideal combination of ingredients to warm the soul.

Palak Paneer

Another vegetarian dish, Palak Paneer is a Punjab dish that is beloved by many who enjoy Indian cuisine. Palak means spinach, and paneer is similar to cottage cheese – so Palak Paneer is a thick spinach focused dish served with rice and naan. Just like Matar Paneer, it’s a great dish for vegetarians or as a side dish to your meat curry, and is definitely one that will tantalise the tastebuds – and have you going back for a second serving!

Goat Curry

Just like it sounds, goat curry is a rich, delicious curry made with goat meat. Goat is an incredibly lean meat, ensuring it goes well with a tomato and spice based curry sauce. There are many different variations on goat curry, but it is beloved in many different cultures due to its simple yet delicate taste. If you have never tried goat before, it’s time to test it out! Served with yoghurt, rice and naan, it’s an incredible dish to enjoy alone or in a big group.

Chicken Makhani

One of the most popular curries in the world, Chicken Makhani is also known as Butter Chicken – a creamy, buttery curry that can be served spicy or mild and appeals to most tastes. The creamy texture and taste of the curry is incredibly comforting, and the mild version is perfect for the kids! Mix it with rice and use your naan to soak up that delicious gravy.

Chicken Masala

Another much-loved curry that appeals to many tastebuds, Chicken Masala is served in a creamy, tomato-based sauce and can be mild or spicy. It’s the ideal dish for families to share, rich and flavorsome with a bit of a kick – but only if you want it!

There are a few tips and tricks to making these dishes at home, or you could put down the frypan and let professional Indian chefs make them for you! Make a reservation online today to experience our authentic Indian dishes, or take a look at the takeaway menu to experience delicious curries from the comfort of your own home.

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